Saturday, March 25, 2006

Twisted and bitter

My bike was twisted and I am bitter - hence the following rant - bear with me, it will be short.
  • Removers crushed my bicycle when we moved to NZ.
  • The movers shrugged their shoulders and pointed to the insurers.
  • The insurers spent three months trying all avenues to avoid paying.
  • Stream of notated photos, techincal reference material from self eventually prompts cheque for two/thirds replacement value.
  • Took bike to posh bike shop on posh street for quote; they said they'd ring me with one.
  • Ten days later, called them for an update and was told 'The bike's ready'.
  • Arrived at shop to be ignored in favour of those spending $4k on shiny new road bikes.
  • When asked why job was done when I had asked for a quote first, no answer given.
  • Rashly paid without checking work as shop was busy and I was pissed off & wanted out.
  • Checked bike at home to find incomplete and ill-advised slap-dash repairs.
  • Turned air blue and cursed self for not listening to abdominal warning signs when first visiting posh bike shop on posh street.
  • Took bike to local mountain bike shop where nice couple treated me with respect, talked about what I used bike for, spoke confidently and honestly about sourcing spares and the time needed, discussed alternative bike scene and offered heaps of friendly advice.
  • Kicked myself black and blue for:
    • not going to local mountain bike shop in the first place as I had planned to do in December.
    • not insisting on fork replacement (as-new repairs are impossible and are potentially dangerous if stressed metal fails).
    • not kicking up a stink in the shop and embarrassing the smarmy buggers.
  • Resolved to purge poisonous feelings and shame my own stupidity/lack of balls by blogging the whole sorry episode.
Moral of the story: When it comes to bike shops, listen to your gut.

I'm off to a barbeque to chill out, have a beer and hopefully meet up with our UK-based Kiwi friends, currently back in NZ to visit family.

And relax.


Ian McKenzie said...

Here, I've found a replacement bike for you >> 8^

3:53 AM  

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